Benefit Concert (International Event #4)

The Benefit Concert caught my eye with it’s gorgeous graphic as it came up on the International Events email I got. Clicking on it, it directed me to a tumblr url that was a bigger version of the poster. OU School of Music was partnering with the College of International Studies to put on a benefit concert for the international student community. Because I am a poor college student, I typically avoid anything that costs money. $15 seemed like a small price to pay though in return for supporting my fellow students in this chaotic and tumultuous time.

I wasn’t sure if the event was casual or formal, so I put on a simple black dress and flats and my roommate and I went to the concert. Enjoy the music was easy as the students are talented beyond belief, but I found myself thinking of the bigger implications of the night. Our international community is in turmoil, they are standing on shaky ground unsure what is ahead of them. Here was our school, though, coming together and saying, “We’re standing beside you. We’ll do this together. We’ll get through it.” I found this to be a beautiful metaphor for what the desire for globalization is. It is to stop saying “You’re from Morocco and I am from America, so it is not my duty to help you.” Instead it is to say that the entire globe is filled with just people, my people. I will aid them in anyway I can. I will fight for them like I am fighting for myself.

This is the good fight. The fight to stop seeing people as one thing or another to write off responsibility and instead taking on the charge to heal them and the heal the divisions that people have held for so long. We will get there.

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