Eve of Nations (1/3 International Events)

Eve of Nations

I had heard about Eve of Nations since before I had attended OU. I put it on my calendar this year and decided that nothing would prevent me from going. When the time came, even though I had no friends to go with me, I bought a dinner ticket. The day of, I wore a cute dress with polka dots and headed for the Loyd Noble Center. The food was intended to be inspired by various other countries. I didn’t mind it, but couscous is not my thing at all.

At my table, there were three other students from three other parts of the world: France, the UAE, and China. We settled into conversation as they were all in their first semester at OU. The girl from France was only staying for a semester while the other two were going to be at the university for the full four years. I loved hearing about how their semesters were going, the student from China and I had a good laugh about there being nothing in Western Oklahoma (where I’m from).

The performances were beautiful. Several brought tears to my eyes as with each moment my heart completely fell in love with the country and culture being presented to me. I have so many places left to travel, I’ve just begun my adventures. I shed those tears though during the Latin American presentation, as the song the Brazilian students played was one I had spend many nights dancing away to with my friends. Our world is beautiful and diverse, it’s a shame some will never experience that.

I was also reminded, though, that even among friends and people of like-mindedness we can find problematic themes. Some of the jokes and comedy made by the MCs was painful. There were several times the male MC mispronounced the name of something on purpose or joked about a word in another language actually saying something it sounded like in English, there was also a joke that sexualized the Colombians students. While there was no foul intention there, it was a reminder we all need work and all have a long ways to go in our work of globalization.

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