Eve of Nations (International Event #3)

If there was one event I couldn’t wait for, it was the Eve of Nations. I had it on my calendar for ages. It just so happened to fall on a weekend my mom was coming up for the weekend. This caused me to be even more excited as I would be able to share this experience with her. I booked our tickets and eagerly waited. We’re talking I couldn’t sleep. My mom didn’t quite share my enthusiasm, but she agreed to go.

The ethnic dining experience was intriguing. I consider myself a picky eater, but threw myself into the event with full force and loved it. My mom picked at her food. Afterwards a fashion show and performances took our attention. I loved seeing some of my dear international friends- including my OU Cousin- proudly showcase their cultures.

As someone who had grown up in Oklahoma, the  Eve of Nations was one of my first close encounters with many of the different cultures. It was eye opening and inspiring. I was reminded of the carrying of flags that was done during the Rah Rally for Homecoming. I was not let down- Eve of Nations has been one of my absolute favorite experiences. My heart was full as I left. Listening to the chatter, I knew that so many had taken a valuable lesson from it.

As for my mom? She said, “It was okay.” Bringing cultural awareness can be a long road. I’ll drag her along kicking and screaming if I must.



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