“Fusion” of cultures

I had seen the South Asian Student Association perform at Eve of Nations and been completely blown away. All of the performances had amazed me, but this association’s performance had really stuck with me. When I heard about the event on the South Oval, I knew I had to go and immediately bought my ticket.
The event was held in Meachum auditorium and was an absolutely breathtaking show. The theme was “Fusion” a call to the mix of the students’ South Asian and American culture. I spent the time with my mouth slightly open at the talent of all the dance teams (of course I tried to keep it closed while chewing on delicious food, as I’m not rude).
This event was one that prompted me to start thinking about the people I know who have different cultural identities. It strikes me as beautiful the combination between cultures and finding one’s identity in that. I was raised in the US and my family doesn’t have a culture outside of that, so to me this place has always been home and whatever you want to call the culture of the United States is what I identified with for so long.
Going abroad was the first time that I had a chance to encounter the feeling of having a cultural identity that didn’t quite “fit” with the normal. I shifted, grew, and changed while there so that when I came home, that old identity didn’t quite fit anymore, I was something a little different, like the puzzle piece that almost fit, but didn’t. I think this is the result of our global awakening. We realize just one place is never quite home again.
But more so, I think the combination of these students is even more amazing. Some have grown up in the United States their whole lives, some have been here for the vast majority, and some are just here for the semester, either way, they are all balancing who they are which is some combination of several different cultures that at many points and turns look at values and life very differently.
As those who have been influenced by may cultures growing up learn to balance, I believe there is something we can learn from them- that you never have to be just one thing. That balance is always shifting and changing. And who we are? Well, that’s something we’ve all yet to discover.

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