No Language Needed

Arts are an incredible thing. They transcend barriers of language, age, and culture. They give us a way to communicate that everyone can understand if they listen.

I have been attending quite a few artistic events while here in Puebla. I have gone to recitals of dance and music, museums, and art galleries. I have soaked in the arts in every way I could and each time I am caught up by how beautiful it is that we may not speak the same language, but we can all listen to one and other in a different way.

Mexican culture is full of music, dance, and art just like all other cultures. It is showcased by an underlying tone of bravery in the face of trial and a desire to live life loudly and boldly. This can be seen in the colors and sounds which will catch your attention on every street corner.

When people perform, no matter if they are from your home country or not, no matter if you speak their language or not, you can feel as if you are on the same page simply by watching them. It is in the way the pianist twinkles the keys, the way the artist used that color in that spot, and the expression on the face of the dancer as she lands her final move.

I would encourage everyone travelling to make time in their schedule to experience the arts of the country they’re in. It is a way to see the heart of the people. You can walk away with a better understanding when you take time to listen with your own heart. Get off the beaten path and see the street performer, notice the art district, go to the gallery opening, stop in for the recital at a local college. It will show you more than you knew possible.

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