OU Cousin’s BBQ

This was an event I had heard about for ages. Because of a weird thing last year, I was unable to attend, but I made it a point to clear that day so I could absolutely make it to this event. I would give advice to everyone to do the same, because this was such a fun event to take part in.
The best part was getting to go with my international friends that I had made through NISO as kind of a see you later celebration of their semester abroad coming to an end. They had not experienced an event like this before and had lots of laughs at themselves in cowboy hats. One of them said her favorite part was the horses, because where she was from in a busy metropolis she hadn’t ever seen a real horse. As someone who grew up with horses in my backyard, I was reminded again of how everyone’s normal is different.
I am not a salsa dancer, as I learned in Mexico, but I also knew coming into the event that I’m really just not a dancer whatsoever. Despite having line dances be a huge part of my school dances growing up ( I come from Western Oklahoma where line dances are common) I have never been able to get the hang of them. I was not surprised when my sweet Columbian friend picked up the dances quickly and then was showing ME tips on how to do it better, even though she had just learned.
Overall, this event was a fun time of celebration for everyone involved. We had a grand time experiencing a little bit of the “west” before sending our international friends back home. Though there was a good bye embedded in the whole event, it did not take away from the overall experience.

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