Teach in Spain! (International Event making up for missed Global Engagement Day)

I didn’t have any afternoon plans when my Spanish instructor said, “Are any of you free this afternoon?” I nodded and he smiled, “Well you should definitely come over to Kaufman Hall. A colleague of mine is going to be talking about teaching in Spain which is something I did.”

Now, if you know me, you know that I’m type A. I like to think I know exactly what I’m doing with my life. I have a laid out plan of my next fifteen years, at least. Before this semester, I didn’t see myself as ending up anywhere besides medical school after I finish studying at OU. Life has shown me that a five year plan is foolish, and I shouldn’t even imagine going farther than that. As a result, I decided¬†why not?

Mario¬†taught English in Merida, Spain. My instructor also did this program. Both had fun and exciting stories about their adventures in Spain. They spoke about the parties, the culture, and the people. “It’s a place you can go to do some soul searching.”

That stuck with me. One of the things I’m learning about travel is that so many people discover who they are miles away from home. Once they leave their comfort zone, once they abandon their five year plan, they discover who they are. That’s what excites me as I prepare for my trip. I will be leaving for Puebla in the fall. It is outside of my comfort zone. It is far beyond the plan I sketched out. Yet, I will be doing it and I believe it will be there that I will find a piece of myself.

And who knows, maybe in a few years you’ll be able to find me teaching English in Spain.

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